Existing in today’s world requires distributors to have unquestionable products and services. NAFTA Distributors has created enduring connections—with the business partners and the community in which we live. This is the NAFTA Idea. We are dedicated to being the most trusted, respected, knowledgeable and service-oriented partner one can choose.

NAFTA Distributors offers a tremendous variety of the world’s finest foods, and supplies. We also understand the power of brands too. Our collection of exclusive brands, as well as national and local/regional manufacturer brands, provides a product selection unmatched in its variety.

NAFTA Retail:

The demand and popularity of Hispanic food products hav increased tremendously in the last decade. Hispanic ingredients have become staples in many American kitchens. NAFTA Distributors is committed to supplying and distributing to grocery stores, food service providers and wholesalers high quality authentic products regularly used in Hispanic households. Our friendly staff at NAFTA Distributors is committed to offering our customers quality food products, and supplies at reasonable prices.

We take great professional pride in what we do and how we do it. NAFTA Distributors has a decade of experience in logistics, supply chain, warehousing, transportation and other critical aspects of our industry. Due to our emphasis on customer service and client relationships, we have shipped to every major retailer throughout the United States. Our products may be found at a store near you.

NAFTA Training:

Addressing both business and technical subject areas, the training program at NAFTA Distributors provides the core training distribution industry professionals need in business communications, math, using personal computers, and the operation of distribution and warehouse centers.

Successful completion of our education program means trainees have learned to: Sharpen verbal communication skills and write effective letters and reports. Interpret drawings, schematics, and diagrams that relate to components and materials that are distributed byour organization. Understand the different types of organizations and job functions that comprise the distribution industry.

Learn the principles and techniques of inventory record keeping, accounting, management and control. This program is designed as core training for all people employed at NAFTA Distributors to ensure customer satisfaction.


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